Creating Passes

You can start selling to your customers by creating a Pass in Barkpass.

To create a Pass, Go to Passes > Create.

Pass Details

Barkpass offers two types of passes:

  1. One-time passes
  2. Recurring Memberships

If your organization operates on an annual model, where you send all customers a renew reminder at the same time with updated prices and guidelines, a one-time pass is ideal. 

If your organization operates on a more fluid model, where customers sign up on a monthly or annual basis and renew at different times every year, a recurring membership is ideal.

Once you create the pass, you will not be able to change this setting.

Pet Types

You can select which types of pets are eligible for your pass:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Ferret

You can change this setting at any time.

Maximum Pets

Learn about Maximum Pets.

Multiple purchases

Learn about multiple purchases.

Pass Approval Flow

Learn about Setting Pass Approval Flow.

Price Levels and Conditions

Next, you must add at least one price level to your pass. This defines how much your customers will pay for your pass.

You can add as many price levels as you want to your pass. You can also define optional price conditions for each one of your price levels to prevent customers from selecting a price level unless they are eligible.

Learn about Managing Price Conditions.

When adding a price level, you must add a title and a price. You may enter a $0 price if you don't require payment for a given price level.

For recurring memberships, you must select either Monthly or Annual pricing for each membership.

When customers register for a pass on Barkpass, they will be prompted to select a price level from a list of price levels for which they are eligible. The first eligible price level will be automatically selected for them. 

If customers go back and edit a pet's information or provide more documentation before checkout, additional eligible price levels may be presented to them. If customers select a price level for which they are no longer eligible after providing additional information, Barkpass will ask them to select an eligible price level before completing checkout.

Restricting Price Levels to Admins

You can restrict price levels to admins for in-person transactions and prevent online buyers from selecting them. Learn more.

Donation Levels

You can provide donation levels for a given pass. Learn more.

Required Documents

If your organization requires a valid proof of documentation, like proof of distemper, for all pets before completing checkout, you can select required documents in your pass settings.

Learn more about Managing Required Documents.

Required Passes

Learn more about Required Passes.

Waiver and Terms & Conditions

You can assign a waiver or terms & conditions text which a buyer must agree to before purchasing your pass.

Pass Visibility

Once you create a pass, it will be saved as a draft.

When you are ready to sell your pass to customers, you can Publish the pass under the pass's settings.

If you want to hide your pass from customers and prevent sales, you can Archive the pass.

You can Unarchive archived passes at any time to start selling them to customers again.

Previewing Passes

You can preview a pass at any time without publishing it. Learn more about previewing passes.

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