Generating Tags for Pets

By default, when you approve an application, a Tag will be generated for each pet in the application.

The tag number will increment numerically from the previously-generated tag in that pass.

Disable tag generation

To disable tag generation, visit your Pass Settings page and scroll to the "Automatic Tag Generation" section.

Select between the three options:

  • Enabled
  • Enabled for pets with tags for a previous pass: Useful if you want to generate a tag for a pet if it has a tag from a previous pass, and you want to copy the tag number after the prefix. If no previous tag exists, no tag will be generated automatically.
  • Enabled for pets without tags for this pass: Useful for one-time passes that can be purchased multiple times per pet, but you only want a single tag generated.
  • Enabled for pets without any tags: Useful if you only want to issue a single permanent tag to a pet rather than a new tag every year.
  • Disabled

Manually generate tags

You may generate a tag manually for a given application and pet, regardless of the pass settings. To do so, visit the Application for which you'd like to generate the tag, scroll to the Tags section, and click Generate Tag.

After selecting the pet, entering the tag number, and optionally the tag prefix, click Generate Tag.

Deleting tags

You may delete a tag by clicking the Delete button when editing a tag number.

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