Recurring Memberships

When creating a pass, you can choose to make it a recurring membership.

When you create a recurring membership, you must define the Interval for each price level you create. Current supported intervals are:

  • Monthly
  • Annual

Modify an existing membership

As an administrator, you can modify an existing active membership by changing the price levels, adding new pets to the membership, or removing pets from the membership.

To change the price level of existing pets, visit the Application detail page for the membership you'd like to modify. Then, select the Edit link next to the price listed next to one of the pets.

In the pop-up, select a new price for one or more pets on the membership.

When you're finished, click Save.

Note: You cannot combine different billing intervals (e.g. monthly and annual) in the same membership. Instead, a new membership will need to be created. However, you can switch all pets between monthly or annual. 

Add new pets to an existing membership

To add new pets to an existing membership, click Add Pet and enter the pet's information. 

After you've added the pet, the price levels pop-up will appear, and you will be required to select a price for the new pet. 

Note: A membership's billing will not be updated in Stripe until you successfully choose a price for the new pet and hit Save.

Remove pets from an existing membership

For memberships with multiple pets, you can remove a pet from the membership.

To remove a pet, click the options dropdown (three dots) for the pet you'd like to remove and select Remove. A pop-up window will confirm the impacts on the recurring membership billing, including a preview of the next invoice.

After you have verified the impacts to the membership's billing, select Remove Pet.

Cancel an existing membership

If a membership only has one pet, or if you need to cancel the entire membership, you can do so by selecting the options dropdown (three dots) in the top right of the Application and select Cancel Membership.

Preview changes to an existing membership

When updating an existing membership, the invoice for the next interval will be displayed as a preview of the impacts to the membership's billing cycle. Pay special attention to the date of the invoice as well as any prorations issued in the next interval's invoice.

Membership proration behavior

When making changes to existing memberships, the changes to the membership's recurring invoice will usually appear on the next invoice as prorated charges rather than the customer being charged immediately.

For example: 

  • Existing membership has 1 pet @ $50/mo
  • 15 days into the current billing cycle, you add another pet @ $50/mo
  • For next month's invoice only, the customer will be charged $125: $50/mo x 2 pets, in addition to $25 as a prorated charge for roughly half of the previous month ($50 / 2).
  • For all future invoices, the customer will be charged the new price of $100/mo for $50/mo x 2 pets.

In the case of removing pets, the next interval's invoice will contain a prorated credit for the removal of the pet and apply it toward the balance of the next invoice.

Note: When changing membership intervals (e.g. switching from monthly to annual billing), a new invoice will usually be issued immediately instead of prorated.

Customer changes to memberships

Customers can make changes to their existing memberships, including:

  • Changing the price level or interval for existing pets
  • Removing a pet from a membership
  • Canceling their membership

To make changes to their membership, customers should log into your Barkpass landing page, click their profile dropdown in the top right, and select "My Passes." Then, they should select their membership application.

  • They can manage existing membership levels by clicking Manage Membership.
  • They can remove a pet from a membership by clicking the dropdown options to the right of the pet's name and selecting Remove.
  • They can cancel their membership by clicking Cancel Membership.

Handling failed payments

When payments fail on your customer's memberships, Stripe will follow the Retry Rules you have defined in your Stripe settings.

If you would like to automatically cancel the Barkpass membership when your customer's payment has failed (and all retries have been attempted), be sure to select the option to cancel the subscription when all retries fail:

"If all retries for a payment fail, cancel the subscription."

Learn more from Stripe about subscriptions.

Reactivate Canceled Memberships

There's currently no way to reactivate canceled memberships.

If a customer would like to subscribe to a membership, they can visit your Barkpass landing page and apply for the same pass using their payment information.

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