Managing Price Conditions

When creating or editing a Pass, Barkpass offers Price Conditions as a way to restrict which Price Levels are available to your customers.

Price Conditions are optional. You can add one or more Price Conditions to each Price Level.

Barkpass offers a powerful price condition engine to charge different prices for your passes based on your organization's needs.

Edit Price Conditions

To edit a price level's price conditions, first visit the Pass Settings page of the pass you'd like to edit.

Then, scroll to the Pass Prices section.

  • You can create a new price condition by clicking the Add Price Condition. Give it a label and a price, then click Save.
  • You can edit existing price levels by clicking on the name of the price level, or by clicking the three-dot dropdown on the right side of each price level and selecting Edit Price Level.

Using Price Conditions

Besides commonly-used conditions like Resident or Altered, use the Pet Field and Customer Field price conditions to build your own custom rules around eligibility.

Pet Field

Use Pet Field to restrict price levels based on specific pet attributes. Pet Field allows you to select:

  • Field: Any pet field (like name, breed, weight, color, birthday, sex) in addition to any custom pet fields you have defined for that pass.
  • Operator: How to compare the value (equals, not equals, greater than, etc).
  • Value: A value to compare the field against.

Example Pet Fields

Here are some examples of pet field conditions you could build:

  • Weight > 50 : Restrict a price level to larger dogs.
  • Birthday greater than 6 months ago : Ensure dogs of a certain age access a park.
  • Breed equals "Golden Retriever" : Give a special price to golden retriever owners, since they are just the best.

Customer Field

Use Customer Field to restrict price levels based on specific customer attributes. Customer Field allows you to select:

  • Field: Any user field (like name, address, city, state, ZIP) in addition to any custom customer fields you have defined for that pass.
  • Operator: How to compare the value (equals, not equals, greater than, etc).
  • Value: A value to compare the field against.

Example Customer Fields

Here are some examples of customer field conditions you could build:

  • Birthday greater than 65 years ago : Restrict a given price level to senior citizens using a custom field called "Birthday."
  • Car Color in "pink, purple" : Offer a discounted price to customers who drive a pink or purple car using a custom field.
  • City equals "Eagleton" : Charge extra to those pesky citizens living in Eagleton.

Date Operators

Date fields with, like pet birthday or custom fields which are dates, when combined with standard operators like Equals, will use a date input for the value. This allows you to enter a date using your browser's native date input.

When selecting operators which compare a date range like Greater Than (Years Ago) and Younger Than (Months Ago), the value you enter should be a number indicating the number or years or months you'd like to compare.

"In" and "Not In" Operators

Use the In and Not In operators to provide multiple values instead of a single value. For example, you might select many breeds you'd like to include in a given Pet Field price condition for a price level.

To make breeds easier to find and select, you can use the New item... text box above the list of breeds to autocomplete a breed by name.

Price Condition Presets

In addition to the list of all available price conditions, Barkpass offers a set of Price Condition Presets which leverage Pet Fields and Customer Fields to implement commonly-requested price conditions.

When you select a preset, Barkpass automatically populates the options field of the Pet Field or Customer Field with default values. This allows you to edit the values of the price condition to fit your organization's needs.

Here are some examples of Price Condition Presets Barkpass offers out of the box:

  • Dangerous Breed
  • Minimum Pet Age
  • Large Breed
  • Small Breed

Combining Price Conditions

When you assign multiple price conditions to a single price level, they are treated as AND and not OR. This means two conditions like Breed == "Golden Retriever" and Weight > 50 require the pet to be that exact breed AND to be greater than 50lbs.

If you want to compose price conditions in an OR matter, we suggest building a duplicate price level and assigning the alternate values. Since a customer will ultimately only choose a single price level for a pet, they will be eligible for either one price level or the alternate based on their attributes.

All Available Price Conditions

Pet Field

A Pet field meets criteria set by an administrator.

Customer Field

A Customer field meets criteria set by an administrator.


User is considered a resident. (Learn about managing residency)


User is not considered a resident. (Learn about managing residency)


The pet must have proof of alteration.


The pet does not have proof of alteration.


The pet must be a cat.


The pet must be a dog.


The pet must be a ferret.

Service Animal

The pet must have proof of service animal eligibility.

New Pet

The pet must be new to your organization, without any existing passes or tags.

Additional Pet

This pet must be additional to an existing pet. Note: When multiple purchases are disabled, pets included in other applications for the same pass are considered to be existing pets.

Has Document

The pet must provide valid proof of a document type which you specify. You can use common shared document types or custom document types that you have created for your organization. For example, this can be useful if you'd like to restrict a specific Price Level to animals who are altered and also collect Proof of Spay/Neuter without having to require all applications to provide Proof of Spay/Neuter.

Document Valid For

The given document must be valid for the provided number of weeks, months, or years. This is useful if you would allow customers to be eligible for e.g. multi-year passes as long as their rabies vaccination is valid for that length of time. For this example, you might create a price called "Pet License (3 years)" and add the "Document Valid For" condition with Rabies: Greater Than (Years): 2 condition options.

Heads-up: Use caution when adding Price Conditions to Price Levels. It is possible to create Price Levels too strict and leave your customers without any eligible Price Levels.

Some Price Conditions might be redundant depending on the type of pass you are selling. For example, if you've already restricted your pass to Dogs only, you don't need to also assign every Price Level the Dogs Price Condition as it's redundant.

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