Managing Required Documents

Barkpass makes it easy to require your customers to upload certain documentation for pets before they are able to purchase a pass.

You can define these requirements by setting Required Documents during the pass creation step. You can also edit the required documents in the Pass Settings page after the pass has been created.

By default, Barkpass supports the following required document types:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Service Animal
  • Bordetella

Custom Document Types

If you need additional document types for your organization, you can create your own within the Pass settings page.

Scroll down to the Required Documents section and click the "Add Document Type" button. Enter a Name for the document type and an optional Description. This will be displayed to the user as they're completing the application.

If you do not wish to collect an expiration date for your document type, check the Permanent box.

Finally, click Save. Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the Required Documents section, too.

You can edit and delete custom document types at any time.

Warning: Deleting custom document types will result in certifications being deleted for any users who have previously attached documents to that document type.

Valid Expiration Dates

When a customer enters an expiration date for a document they've provided, Barkpass checks to ensure the expiration date:

  • Is not in the past
  • Is not earlier than the Pass Valid From date you have set

Permanent Documents

Some documents, like Spay/Neuter, are considered permanent within Barkpass. Customers will not be required to enter expiration dates for permanent documents.

Disabling Document Collection

By default, Barkpass requires customers to upload a document first, and then enter an expiration date after providing a document.

If you don't need your customers to provide actual documents and only need expiration dates, you can disable document collection.

To do so, scroll to the Required Documents section of the pass creation or settings form, and select Don't Collect Documents.

Expired Document Behavior

Barkpass allows you to automatically mark a pet's registration as expired once their required documents have been expired for a certain number of days.

Learn more about automatic deactivation.

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