One-Time Passes

In addition to recurring memberships, Barkpass offers one-time passes.

When you create a one-time pass, you have the ability to select how long a pass is valid:

  • Valid Range
  • Valid Duration
  • Valid Until Document Expires

Valid Range

When defining a pass with a valid range, you can select an optional:

  • Valid From (Start) Date
  • Valid Until (End) Date

This range will be displayed to the buyers on your organization's landing page.

This is useful for organizations which have a pass that aligns with a calendar year, for example a 2023 Pet License.

Lifetime Passes

If you choose not to provide valid start or end dates to a one-time pass, the pass is considered a "lifetime" pass within Barkpass. This means the buyer will be considered an active pass holder indefinitely, until the pass or pet registration is marked inactive.

Valid Duration

When defining a pass with a valid duration, you must provide a number of days the pass is valid once purchased.

This duration will be displayed to buyers on your organization's landing page.

This allows you to sell passes on a rolling basis to buyers. You could sell a Day Pass for example that is valid for 1 day, or a Month Pass that is valid for 30 days. This works well when combined with enabling multiple purchases.

Valid Until Document Expires

When defining a pass which is valid until a document expires, you must provide a document type which dictates how long the pass is active.

This allows you to sell passes that are only valid until the pet's certification of a document type, for example, Rabies, is valid. Once the "Expires at" date of that pet's document is lapsed, the application is considered expired, and the customer may purchase another pass with new documentation.

Heads-up: When using the "Valid Until Document Expires" strategy, only one pet may be added to each application. Customers can create multiple applications for additional pets, as each pet will have a unique document expiration date.

Pass Expiration

Learn about Pass Expiration behavior for each type of one-time pass.

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