One-Time Passes

In addition to recurring memberships, Barkpass offers one-time passes.

When you create a one-time pass, you have the ability to select how long a pass is valid:

  • Valid Range
  • Valid Duration

Valid Range

When defining a pass with a valid range, you can select an optional:

  • Valid From (Start) Date
  • Valid Until (End) Date

This range will be displayed to the buyers on your organization's landing page.

This is useful for organizations which have a pass that aligns with a calendar year, for example a 2023 Pet License.

Lifetime Passes

If you choose not to provide valid start or end dates to a one-time pass, the pass is considered a "lifetime" pass within Barkpass. This means the buyer will be considered an active pass holder indefinitely, until the pass or pet registration is marked inactive.

Valid Duration

When defining a pass with a valid duration, you must provide a number of days the pass is valid once purchased.

This duration will be displayed to buyers on your organization's landing page.

This allows you to sell passes on a rolling basis to buyers. You could sell a Day Pass for example that is valid for 1 day, or a Month Pass that is valid for 30 days. This works well when combined with enabling multiple purchases.

Pass Expiration

Learn about Pass Expiration behavior for each type of one-time pass.

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