Add-On Passes

Sometimes buyers may wish to purchase multiple passes at the same time.

For example, a city's  Dog Park Pass might be purchased at the same time as a Pet License.

Barkpass allows you to define Add-On Passes which enable buyers to purchase one or more passes together. This makes it easier for buyers to provide all required information and documents for each application in a single step rather than multiple steps. Additionally, it allows buyers to pay with a single transaction instead of multiple different transactions.

Define Add-On Passes

Administrators can define eligible add-on passes by visiting the Pass Settings page and scrolling down to Add-On Passes.

Click "Use" next to the pass which you'd like to make eligible to be an add-on. You can select multiple passes to be included as add-on passes, and a buyer may choose one or more of the eligible passes (but is not required to choose all of them at the same time).

Passes can be add-ons for each other. There are no limits to the number of add-on passes you can mark eligible for a given pass.

Removing Add-On Passes

You can also remove existing add-on passes. Any buyers who have already started applying with the add-on pass will be prompted to remove it before continuing to checkout.

Add-On Pass Behavior

When a buyer includes a pass as an add-on, Barkpass creates an Application for that pass behind the scenes. However, the buyer will never actually see the application — it always redirects to the original application where they included the pass as an add-on.

Once the buyer completes checkout and submits the application which includes add-on passes, the applications will "split" into multiple pending buyer-facing applications. This allows administrators to approve one pass while potentially rejecting any add-ons.

Required Passes and Add-On Passes

When a required pass is eligible to be an add-on pass as well, the requirement will be fulfilled as soon as the buyer chooses to add-onthe required pass. This means they will be able to complete checkout in one step rather that applying for the required pass first, submitting it, and returning to apply for the second pass.

Draft Add-On Passes

You may select Draft passes as add-on passes, but they will not be displayed to the buyer until you publish them.

Including Add-On Passes For Offline and In-Person Transactions

Administrators may select add-on passes when creating applications for buyers in-person or over the phone.

When there are eligible add-on passes, Barkpass will display a banner at the top of the application detail screen in the admin. Administrators may add or remove add-on passes for each pet until processing payment, at which point, each add-on application will be "split" in the system as different applications.

Reviewing Pending Add-On Passes

When applications which include add-on passes are submitted, they become multiple separate applications.

To review each individual application, visit either your Barkpass dashboard or the Pass detail page for each pass.

Recurring Memberships

Recurring memberships are not eligible for add-on passes as the checkout requires additional complexity.

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