Controlling Access to Your Dog Park

Barkpass provides several methods for you to control access to your dog park. The method you use will vary depending on the capabilities of your physical access control system and the software it provides.

Using Approval Text to send a shared access code


  • Gate with key-code
  • Every user shares the same code

For dog parks which use a keypad for entry and where all visitors share the same access code, you can use the Approval Text field in Barkpass to provide access to paid and approved applicants.

You can update your Approval Text field inside the Pass Settings for the given pass.

Once an application is approved, the approval text will be sent to the buyer's email and displayed on their Barkpass application online when logged in.

When you make changes to the gate code, you can use Barkpass's Messages feature to inform only paid active pass holders of the new code.

Exporting tags or applications


  • Access control software which accepts CSV imports

If you use a key fob or RFID access control system, your software may allow you to import and manage user records.

You can export a list of approved Barkpass applications or pet tags for a given pass:

You can import these records and assign a key fob or access key for each user. You may wish to do this at a daily or weekly cadence to ensure users who have purchased passes have access to the park.

Using Check-Ins


  • In-person staff to perform the check-in

You can use the Check-Ins feature of Barkpass to control access to your dog park.

When customers visit your location, your staff can start the check-in process and evaluate whether each pet is eligible to enter the park.

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