Checking In Pets

Barkpass allows you to check in pets and visitors to your location using the Check-Ins feature.

Enabling Check-Ins

To enable check-ins for your organization, visit your Organization Settings page and scroll to the Features section.

Under "Check-Ins," select Enabled and click Save.

Creating Check-Ins

To create a check-in, start by searching for the pet name, user name, user email, or user phone number.

  • Barkpass will return all of the matching pet's active registrations.
  • The most recent registrations will be displayed first.
  • Barkpass will also display the validity of the pet's registration (whether it's expired or inactive) in addition to each certification collected for the pet.
  • If the pet has any recorded incidents, Barkpass will display a notice by the pet.

Click Check-In to check in the pet.

Checking Out

Optionally, you can check-out pets when they leave your location.

Click Check Out next to the pet's check-in to complete the checkout process.

Using QR Codes For Check-In

When you have check-ins enabled for your organization, buyers with an approved application will be presented with a unique QR code for each pet's registration on the application.

This QR code will be emailed to them when their application is approved. It is also available when the user visits the approved application while logged into Barkpass.

During check-in, you can scan this QR code with your device's camera, like a phone or tablet. The QR code will redirect to the check-in screen with the matching pet.

Deleting Check-Ins

If you've accidentally checked in a pet, you can delete a check-in by clicking the dropdown icon at the top right corner of the check-in and selecting Delete Check-In.

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