Sending Messages to Customers

Barkpass allows you to send messages to your customers through a built-in Messaging feature.

Messages are only delivered to approved applicants in good standing. Inactive applications, inactive pets, and expired or inactive registrations will not receive messages.

Create a Message

To create a message, click the Messages link in the administrative navigation.

Then, select a Pass for which you'd like to send a message to the active pass holders.

Editing a Message

You can use the text field to edit the content of your message. You can see a live preview of the message to the right.

To add or exclude recipients, enter comma-separated values into the text fields below content.

Sending a Test Email

When you want to preview what the message will look like in your email inbox, click Send Preview at the top right. You can enter a comma-separated list of email addresses to which you'd like to send the preview.

Sending the Message

When you're ready to send the message, click Send.

Monitoring Delivery and Inspecting Recipients

After your message has been sent, you can visit the Message detail page to view how many opens, clicks, and bounces your message has received.

Barkpass only provides access to the most recent 45 days of delivery statistics.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view a Message Recipients section at the bottom. You can use this section to inspect which customers will receive a message you're creating.

Barkpass also provides a reason why certain customers will not receive the message. For example, the user's application is not approved, or their pets or registrations have been marked as inactive.

After sending a message, Barkpass will record whether the message was successfully sent to the customer through our email service provider.

You can search and export message recipients to find specific customers or to perform further analysis.

If you notice email delivery discrepancies, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can dig in further!

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