Adding Late Fees

Your organization might want to add a late fee to certain price levels on a certain date.

To add a late fee, wait until the date that the late fee goes into effect. Then, you should add new Price Levels in your pass settings accounting for the new total price, inclusive of the late fee. 

You can then archive the old (non-late) price level if you want to prevent all customers from using the old price.

However, you might still want to allow some customers to use the old (non-late) price level if they have a new pet or if they are new to your organization.

You can do this by applying the New Pet price condition to your old (non-late) price levels. This prevents pets who have tags from previous years from being eligible for the non-late price level, but it allows new customers to use the price level.

Then, you can apply the Existing Pet price condition to your new late-fee price levels to prevent them from being displayed as options to new pets. 

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