Automatically Deactivate Pet Registrations

When creating a pass, administrators can choose a set of documents required for each pet in order for a buyer to purchase the pass.

Buyers are required to enter an expiration date for each document. They are reminded to keep their documents up to date when they are nearing the expiration date. 

Administrators may optionally deactivate a pet's registration after one of its documents has been expired for a certain number of days.

To enable automatic deactivation, administrators should visit the Pass settings and scroll to the Required Documents section. Under the Expired Document Behavior section, select the "Deactivate Registrations Automatically" option. Then, enter a number of days (a grace period) greater than or equal to 0. 

After a pet's documents have been expired for that number of days, Barkpass will automatically mark the registration as expired. Notifications will be sent to the buyer (enabled by default) and administrators (disabled by default).

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