Document Expiration Notices

When users have an active pass, Barkpass can remind them to keep their certification documents up to date.

To enable document expiration notices for a pass, you can visit Pass Settings, scroll to Required Documents, and select "Send Reminders" under "Buyer Notification Behavior." By default, buyers are not sent reminders about expiring documents.

When enabled, if you require (for example) an up-to-date Rabies certification, Barkpass will remind users via email when these documents are about to expire:

  • One month prior to expiration
  • One week prior to expiration
  • One day after expiration

Once a required document for a pet has expired, organization administrators will also receive an email notification:

  • One day after expiration

As an administrator, you can act on this however you'd like, including marking the application as inactive, manually marking the pet registration as inactive, or manually reaching out to the user to request that they update their pet's documentation.

Administrators may also enable automatic deactivation for expired documents.

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