Creating Coupons and Discounts

Barkpass allows you to create coupons and promotional codes so buyers can apply them and receive discounts.

To view existing coupons or create a new coupon, visit the Organization - Coupons page. Coupons are administered through Stripe

Buyers enter promotional codes after they have clicked "Proceed to Checkout" on the left-hand side of the screen.

Limit Coupons to Specific Customers

When creating a promotional code, you can choose to limit the code to a specific customer. When you enable this option on Stripe, you can search for the customer by name or email address.

Sometimes, a customer may have multiple entries in Stripe (for example, they may have first purchased an anonymous Day Pass before creating an account with the same email address).

To disambiguate the customer, find the corresponding User in your Barkpass dashboard using the search function or through the Users page. At the top of the page, find the Stripe ID beginning with cus_ and click to copy the ID to your clipboard. You can then use that ID in the search tool when defining your promotional code within Stripe.

Seeing Which Coupon a Customer Applied

Barkpass will record the total discounted amount as part of the Transaction record. However, due to a current limitation in the Stripe API, Barkpass cannot determine which coupon code the customer entered to apply that discount.

Instead, you can easily reference the Transaction in Stripe by clicking the eyeball (View in Stripe) button next to the transaction which will give you more detailed information about coupon usage.

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