Paying by Invoice

If your organization prefers to receive and invoice instead of paying by credit card, you can choose to pay annually by invoice instead.

Visit your Billing Settings and scroll to the Pay by Invoice section. 

Click the Subscribe Using Invoice button to start your invoiced membership.

  • Within one hour, you will receive an email with a link to your first invoice
  • Each year on the same date, you will receive a new invoice until you cancel your membership
  • To view past invoices, click Manage Subscription in your Billing Settings

Custom Invoice Anchor Dates

By default, your Barkpass subscription is anchored to the date you create your first invoice.

If you'd like to anchor your invoice schedule to a specific date (perhaps to align with fiscal year or budget), you can do so by entering a Billing Anchor Date when you first subscribe using an invoice.

  • You will receive an initial invoice within an hour with the prorated amount due leading up to the selected anchor date.
  • On the selected date, you will receive another invoice with the full amount for the next period.

Paying Invoices

You have several options for paying an invoice:

  • Click the link provided to view the invoice online and pay via credit card or ACH transfer
  • Send a check to Barkpass via mail
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